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No need for crypto-expertise: Investing in crypto is now available to everyone 


The most important cryptos are automatically added to your holdings.


Simple saving

Once you set your savings rate, you are investing monthly – hands-off. 


Secure & regulated

coindex is regulated in Germany and works with German banks.


As simple as that

Create your account in 10 Minutes


Sign in and create your portfolio for free.

Choose how you want to invest


You can invest one-off or with a monthly savings plan.

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Welcome to the land of the free

Crypto has now become part of your plan for financial freedom. Enjoy 😉

Why invest with coindex?

Crypto is huge: There are more than 5,000 crypto assets and new ones are coming up every single day. Trying to keep up with that is a task that requires lots of effort from a single person. And questions like "Should I buy Bitcoin?" "What about Ethereum or Ripple?" are difficult to answer. 

That's why at coindex, you can choose an index-based portfolio. Sounds complicated, but it actually makes life easy. It works like a basket, in which the most important cryptos are automatically added to your holdings. A computer program selects the cryptos and balances them so that they mirror the development of the crypto market. The result? You don't have to worry about selecting individual cryptos any more (just like an ETF).

And if something changes in the market? Well, computers never sleep. 

That's why your computer algorithm for the index-based portfolio quickly adjusts to the market situation. Automatically. That way, our index-based portfolio currently manages to cover about 85% of the development of the entire crypto market.

~ 85% of the crypto market covered

Why does muffin work with coindex?







Crypto has many complexities.  coindex solves them for you and makes it easy to invest

No hidden fees. 0.5% for every trade

and 1% fee per year on the average value of your holdings 

Secure custody of your crypto assets with reliable technology - regulated in Germany.

How to redeem the code muffin25?

During registration the code will be applied to the corresponding field automatically. If not, just type in the 'muffin25' in the coupon field or contact the custimer service later. What are you waiting for?

Terms of participation

This exclusive promotion with code 'muffin25' is only valid for new customers who invest at least 100€ and make a crypto purchase. The promotion is open-ended, but coindex reserves the right to end or adjust the promotion at any time. The welcome bonus is not immediately available in the securities account. The amount will be credited no later than 1 month after the crypto value purchase and is not withdrawable.

What people like you also wanted to know

How does the savings plan work?

The coindex savings plan works just like an ETF or bank savings plan. You automatically invest a fixed amount every month. The minimum investment is only €1, the maximum investment €10,000 per month.

Which cryptos am I buying with coindex? And do I really own them?

You'll have access to one of the widest ranges of crypto offerings in Germany with 20 cryptos currently, and more to come soon. And at coindex you will always own your cryptos directly and we will take care that they are savely stored. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure, you can cancel at any time.

Meaning, you can cancel or pause your savings plan at any time and delete your account. Without any extra costs or termination periods.

May I sell my crypto any time?

Yes, this is possible at any time. Just log in to your account and choose which assets you want to sell.

When you sell, you will be charged a trading fee of 0.5%. So, selling cryptos worth 100 €, you will be paying a 0.50 € fee.

How secure is coindex?

We have taken all measures to ensure that you can invest in crypto as safely as possible. To achieve this, we work with two German banks. Sutorbank ensures that your money is secure and von der Heydt Bank safeguards your crypto assets. All of this is supervised by the German financial supervisory authority.

Is there anything else?


Die Vermögensanlage in Kryptowerte ist mit Risiken verbunden. Der Wert Ihrer Vermögensanlage kann fallen oder steigen. Es kann zu vollständigen Verlusten des eingesetzten Kapitals kommen. Frühere Wertentwicklungen, Simulationen oder Prognosen sind kein verlässlicher Indikator für die künftige Wertentwicklung. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu unsere Risikohinweise.

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